Knowledge base renewed on our website

One of the new features of our website, which was relaunched in the middle of last year, was the presentation of relevant current publications. Here we started to collect and make available to everyone the most important publications on cybersecurity in ICSs. However, the experience gathered has shown that a more efficient framework for sharing publications could exist.

The revamped Knowledge base, now bilingual, supports free search with predefined keywords. After being “stagnant” for the last month or two, the Knowledge base is “coming back to life” and will be continuously updated with new and emerging publications. The most recent content at any given time will be highlighted in bold.

While the Knowledge base, like the Handbook, is accessible to everyone, it is clear that we cannot have access to all the important and relevant publications. You are therefore welcome to draw our attention to any important publications that should also be included in the Knowledge Base.

After all, it is in our common interest to have the best knowledge on cyber security of critical infrastructures, with a special focus on the electricity system.


We welcome messages either agreeing or disagreeing with the above. For example, by responding to them in a new post, a substantive professional exchange of views could be initiated.

Translated by DeepL