CISA has gone all out: it has published a collection of free cybersecurity applications and services!

It’s rare when you come across something on the internet that makes you quietly tip your hat a little. Well, CISA has gathered together around 100 (!) free apps and services in four themes and made them available to all. Of course, you might say, what’s the big deal, they’re free, anyone can access them. True, but it’s almost impossible that a company interested in the subject could have collected all this on its own. On the other hand

that CISA has given its name to the collection is
also a guarantee of the quality and security of the applications and services listed.

The collection contains applications and services in the following four themes:

  • Reducing the likelihood of cyber incidents (72 items)
  • Rapid intrusion detection (18)
  • Response to intrusion (7)
  • Maximising the organisation’s resilience to a destructive cyber incident (4)

In addition, the collection includes 58 advanced applications and services in addition to the 43 certified as basic!

And all for free!

The idea is so good that we could have thought of it ourselves… 🙂


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Translated by DeepL