The updated cybersecurity handbook for 2021 is available for download!

From the first publication of the cybersecurity handbook – partly in print and partly online – we intended to take advantage of the flexibility of the online publication to provide updates from time to time in the light of developments.

The year 2021, with its large number of serious incidents, has (unfortunately) provided plenty of material. But there were also some topics that were not covered or not covered in sufficient detail. The new edition has made it possible to cover all of these.

The essential new elements of the updated manual compared to the previous edition are:

  • updating the incident list (Annex 1),
  • transposition of regulatory changes (point 4.7.2, Annex 9),
  • the presentation of attacks typically affecting the US and their consequences (Annex 7, rewritten in full),
  • IT, OT, ICS characteristics, matches, specifications, presentation, conceptual clarification (new Annex 16, and 2.4),
  • clarification of the Purdue model (in the expanded point 7.1),
  • description of the Aurora test (in new point 3.3.1),
  • a presentation of cybersecurity R&D updates (in updated point 5.2.1).

Like the previous version of the manual, the online manual is published by the National Cyber Security Center.

And, of course, we continue to welcome suggestions for topics to be considered for the next update via the message board on our website or by email to [email protected].


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