The article “Another electricity consumption peak has been broken. At the end of yesterday’s post “So what?” we wrote that “it is possible that yesterday’s consumption peak will be short-lived.”

We were right.

The consumption peak lived for a full 1 day. In fact, the peak yesterday was 7254 MW, surpassing the previous day’s 7210 MW. All this with a domestic production of 4022 MW. Renewables-based generation took its share of this with (only) 9.06%, or a hard 364 MW. This is worth pondering. Domestic renewable generation (comparable to the output of two Paks units) is around 1000 MW if only roughly a third of this could be mobilised at the time.

Obviously, the recent peak has not reduced the amount of electricity – and thus import exposure – that has to be drawn from abroad.

What was written in yesterday’s post is worth re-reading and considering in the light of the above. It does not make us any happier…



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