Book recommendation: Preparing for Digital Disruption

For the first time in this blog, we are recommending a book.

It is a rare case when an independent strategic advisory body that seeks to provide professional support to government work provides a comprehensive discussion of the risks of digitalisation and its likely social impacts in a publicly available document. Well, the Dutch government is in the fortunate position to have received such professional help.

Although the book, published only a few days ago, is far from being specific to ICS, it is a useful read for all (professionals) interested in the wider context of digitalisation.

The work of the three authors was supported by 111 (!) consultants. As in the case of SeConSys, they represent a wide range of disciplines, from critical infrastructure specialists, universities, businesses, etc. to the police.

From the point of view of the SeConSys cooperation, which sees (cyber)security of the electricity system as a focus area, it is good to see that page 39 of the book also deals specifically with some of the specificities of digitalisation in electricity.

The book can be downloaded HERE.

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