SeConSys website has been relaunched

SeConSys cooperation for the cyber security of the electricity system: website has been relaunched

Leading Hungarian electricity ICS* manufacturers and cybersecurity companies agreed in December 2018 that their cooperation is useful – even necessary – to strengthen the cybersecurity of the electricity system. Hungarian electricity companies and relevant public organisations joined the initiative within a short time.

In SeConSys**, members work on a voluntary basis, even outside working hours. The cooperation provides a suitable framework for producing forward-looking technical material, even without the “company hat”.

The work of the SeConSys collaboration results in

In 2020, the Cybersecurity Handbook for Electricity Industrial Monitoring Systems was completed and published by the National Institute for Cyber Defence of the National Security Service.

The strength of the cooperation is demonstrated by the fact that the development of the objectives and framework for further work has already started in parallel with the final work on the manual.

Among other things, the ICS implications of the serious cyber-attacks of recent months have encouraged us to facilitate the flow and exchange of relevant information. As a first step, we created the SeConSys Facebook page.

To support this, one of the aims of the now completed renewal of our website is to provide useful information – and even a forum – for interested parties outside the SeConSys collaboration. As one element of this

we are launching the SeConSys blog,

with posts highlighting instructive cybersecurity developments.

We welcome your comments on these, which

can be responded to in new posts, and even lead to a substantive exchange of ideas.

Our intention is to develop our website to enable our members or expert guest authors to share their thoughts in posts on what they consider to be important and topical issues related to cyber security of electricity ICSs, mainly (but not exclusively). Besides our own posts

we also intend to provide space for specialised guest posts.

If you are interested in publishing a post, please send an email to [email protected].

We have made an agreement with the author of the ICS Cybersecurity blog that his posts will also be duplicated on the SeConSys blog.

In addition to the blog, mainly from selected examples of current and relevant literature

We will create a knowledge repository

Péter Görgey & Csaba Krasznay

* ICS: Industrial Control System
** SeConSys: Security for Control Systems

Translated by DeepL.