Another DARPA exercise on Plum Island

Guest post from the ICS cyber security blog:
Another DARPA exercise on Plum Island

06 February 2021 – icscybersec

Last year, I wrote about how the US Armed Forces, led by the US Armed Forces, have for years been conducting exercises to test the effects of cyber attacks on the US power system and possible ways to defend against them, under various scenarios.

In 2020, this test, which (as usual) took place on Plum Island near Long Island, was conducted a little differently than so many others because of COViD. Participants in the exercise were overwhelmingly remotely connected to some of the facilities of the power grid built for the test, with only those professionals physically on the island whose duties made this essential.

Details of the exercise and the aftermath of the Plum Island exercise can be read in this CyberScoop article. I just wonder when the authorities would like to organise the first sector-specific cybersecurity exercises in Hungary (for the electricity sector, water utilities, gas and oil industry, etc.)?


The original guest post was published on the ICS cyber security blog.

Translated by DeepL.