Bumpy prediction for this year from the CEO of Nozomi

It is customary for cybersecurity firms to publish their predictions for the year’s cybersecurity challenges at the beginning of the year. One – for us – ‘punchy’ prediction makes an interview with Edgard Capdevielle, CEO of Nozomi, particularly noteworthy.

The original English version of the prediction:

“As the U.S. government cracks down on ransomware gangs, in 2022 expect to see attacks move to Europe and elsewhere as threat actors move to easier targets in countries where there is less threat of government retaliation.”

Put another way:

we in Europe may be more tempting targets than the Americans because of our weaknesses.

Nice outlook… 🙁

EU officials – and those from countries within and outside the EU – are presumably aware of this not entirely illogical possibility. It is also important for us, in the framework of SeConSys, to be aware of this eventuality and the actions that could result from it.

Finally, some further focus on what Edgard Capdevielle predicts for 2022:

  • The Zero Trust requirement will become more prominent. For example, it will increasingly become a requirement for suppliers. The ZTA is also expected to transform the Purdue model.
  • Expect the number and aggressiveness of Chinese attacks to increase due to technology bans, increasing financial pressures and the growing diplomatic boycott of the Winter Olympics.
  • Addressing supply chain vulnerabilities is a critical requirement.
  • IT and OT organisations have continued to converge and strengthen in the wake of the adversity of the past year or so. This, together with a number of other measures taken in the US, increases the chances of “defenders”.

Obviously, these emphases are based primarily on the experience of the attacks on the US. However, for us, this can be the least of our excuses, since we can be caught in the wind of any attack not intended for us, causing serious problems, as happened in the SolarWinds/Orion case.

That is

2022 will not be the year when we can sit back…

The full interview is available HERE.



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Ttranslated by DeepL.