21 July Gartner predicts that by 2025, cyber-attackers could be using OTs as weapons (!) against people:

Gartner Predicts By 2025 Cyber Attackers Will Have Weaponized Operational Technology Environments to Successfully Harm or Kill Humans

23 July The US House of Representatives has taken concrete measures to strengthen the cybersecurity of ICSs:

DHS industrial control legislation passed in US – Industrial Cyber

24 July Power islands against cyber and terrorist attacks on the electricity system?

Centre mulls power islands to thwart cyber, terror attacks; what are they? – BusinessToday

26 JulyThe blockchain technology is “already in the pantry”… 🙂

Network | Free Full-Text | Can Blockchain Strengthen the Energy Internet? | HTML (

26 July Working together to develop zero trust guidance:

18 Companies to Participate in NIST ‘Zero Trust’ Project (

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