14  June The situation is not good. I mean in the US.

U.S. Power, Water Systems Face Glaring Cyber Vulnerabilities (

15 June NATO raises the stakes: cyber-attacks are considered to be of the same magnitude as armed attacks. They can now apply the principle of mutual defence under Article 5 of the Treaty in the event of a cyber-attack.

Nato: Cyber attacks ‘as serious as any other attacks’ to allies – BBC News

15 June Blthough the SolarWinds/Orion incident did not target the OT, the aftermath of the incident is not without interest…

How FireEye attributed the SolarWinds hacking campaign to Russian spies (

16 June  Still not sure if it was a cyber attack. But it can’t be ruled out. What is certain: a transformer blew up…

Puerto Rico probes fire that left 900K clients without power | POWERGRID International (

16 June  IoT supply chain vulnerability.

IoT supply chain hit by ThroughTek P2P SDK vulnerability – Industrial Cyber

17 June  After a long process, the Senate confirmed Chris Inglis as the first US National Cyber Director.

Chris Inglis confirmed as first US national cyber director after Senate vote (

17 June NERC and Dragos collaborate to deploy Dragos’ Neighborhood Keeper sensors in electricity companies’ OT networks.

NERC partners with Dragos on operational security, collective defense for electric sector | Utility Dive

Dragos and the E-ISAC Announce Initiative to Bring ICS/OT Collective Defense to the Electricity Sector | Dragos

Translated by DeepL