2 & 14 June A static instead of dynamic honeypot against attacks on critical infrastructure:

PNNL’s Shadow Figment Technology Foils Cyberattacks | PNNL

Decoy system diverts hackers from critical infrastructure — GCN

15 June The Biden-Putin summit could have far-reaching consequences:

Once, Superpower Summits Were About Nukes. Now, It’s Cyberweapons. – The New York Times (

15 June NKI news of data theft from a supplier. Only this happens to be a nuclear weapons supplier…

Amerikai nukleáris fegyverzeti programban közreműködő alvállakozótól lopott adatokat a REvil zsarolóvírus banda | Nemzeti Kibervédelmi Intézet (

Note: another example of how the weakest link in the supply chain is increasingly the supplier!

15 June An excellent collection of developments in critical infrastructure protection:

Granholm refocuses Energy’s cyber shop — FCW

15 June The DoE is significantly increasing its cybersecurity budget:

Granholm refocuses Energy’s cyber shop — FCW

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