Cybersecurity of critical energy infrastructures

SeConSys is a voluntary, non-profit collaboration between cutting edge Hungarian organisations and individuals in the fields of the electricity protection technology, control engineering, cyber security, electricity generation and service companies as well as regulatory and supervisory bodies.



Security for Control systems

The primary objective of this collaboration is to provide professional support for countering cyber threats towards electricity generation and distribution systems.

Objective of the collaboration

SeConSys (Security for Control Systems) focuses on providing complex technical support to the monitoring and protection of electricity systems - as "the most critical critical infrastructure elements" - to counter prevailing cyber threats.

Way of collaboration

In order to strengthen the cyber security of the electricity systems, we will continue to develop proposals for the further development of relevant domestic regulations and technology frameworks for industry specific cyber security solutions, also taking into consideration international best practices.

Critical infrastructures

One of the prerequisites for the smooth operation of any country, including Hungary, is the uninterrupted and continuous operation of public services, with special emphasis on the electricity supply required for the operation of all other public services.

About Us

our history

The cooperation began on December 13, 2018, with the recognition that no matter how excelling the participants are in their specific field in energy or cyber security, professional qualities could only be enhanced trough understanding each other's professional qualities, and then close cooperation could help significantly to strengthen the cyber security of the Hungarian electricity system.

In the first half of 2019, we got to know each other through a series of workshops on the peculiarity of our expertise. Based on the impressions of the workshops, we established two working groups (regulatory and technological), which have started to work on the substantive topics.

As a result of the cooperation and with the support of the National Cyber-Security Center of Hungary by the end of 2020 the Cyber Security Handbook for Electrical Industrial Control Systems is publicly available (and downloadable).


Cyber Security Handbook



Recognising the interdependence of OT and IT cybersecurity, the SeConSys collaboration and its Working Groups work in collaboration with representatives of the two disciplines.

Péter Görgey

MEE, mentor

Dr. Miklós Danyek

MEE, technology workgroup leader

Csaba Zsolt Szabó-Nyakas

MVM, regulatory workgroup leader

Zsolt Baranya

Black Cell, regulatory workgroup leader

Gábor Illés

Balasys, technology workgroup leader

Dr. Csaba Krasznay

NKE, mentor

One of the preconditions for the smooth operation of any country, including Hungary, is the continuous operation of it's electricity systems - as "the most critical critical infrastructure ,, - and its surveillance and protection systems.



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